Capital-matching event in Ljubljana

Capital-matching event in Ljubljana Wednesday, December 5, 2018

On 5th December 2018 Slovenia organised a Slovenian capital-matching event, which took place within the Slovenian Days of the Social Economy in the House of the European Union in Ljubljana.

The introduction was made by Mr Damjan Kavaš, from IER, who presented the AlpSib project and the idea of the capital-matching event. Following, Mr Primož Šporar, presented the social impact bonds and impact investing and gave the instructions for the matching.

The idea of the Slovenian event was to enable short meetings between potential investors and entrepreneurs with »impact« ideas, but as well among entrepreneurs themselves since they can share experiences and good practices among each other, that will help them develop and realise their ideas.

Short meetings were coordinated by Ms Mirjana Ivanuša-Bezjak, member of the Slovenian Association of Social Economy and an acknowledged lecturer, writer and business consultant. Also a few potential investors participated at the event; Ms Vesna Osterman from the bank Delavska hranilnica d.d., Mr Velislav Žvipelj from the Slovenian Regional Development Fund, Ms Renata Brkić from the Feelsgood Capital Partners and Mr Primož Šporar from Sklad 05.

The event proved to be successful. Many ideas and suggestions were exchanged and the genuine contact between different actors involved in impact investing was established. 


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