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The following links refer to the recent history of the SIB in France (2016-2017): a government tender call to improve innovation and solidarity (testing projects)

Le portail de l’Economie, des finances, de l’Action et des Comptes publics, “les contrats à impact social” [online]., [retrieved on November 24th, 2016]. Available on:

Le portail du développement de l’économie sociale et solidaire, “les contrats à impact social” [online]., [retrieved on March 15th, 2016]. Available on:

The following article focuses on one of the French SIB

L’association pour le droit à l’initiative économique, “L’Adie signe l’un des deux premiers contrats à impact social en France” [online]., [retrieved on November 24th, 2016]. Available on:

The following articles explain the results two years after the launching of SIB in France

Mécénat performant partenariat innovant, “Contrats à Impact Social: quel bilan, 2 ans après leur arrivée en France?” [online]., [retrieved on February 7th, 2018]. Available on:

The following articles recounts the French fear of the SIB’s impact on the social French model; their rentability and the lack of transparency

Guérard, Stéphane “Financiarisation. Les contrats à Impact Social avancent sans bruit” [online]. Humanité.fr, [retrieved on March 7th, 2018]. Available on:

Mouzon, Céline “Innovation Sociale: le mirage des contrats à impact social” [online]. Alternatives Economiques [retrieved on April 21st, 2016]. Available on:


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